We always welcome new applicants who wish to join the market either as casual or regular stallholders.

If you wish to apply for a site we strongly recommend you visit us and  say hi before making an enquiry.

Please specify which application form you are applying for:  General Foods or Crafts or Plants.

We will then send you the application form along with our market specifications.  

New Stallholder Info:

The majority of our stallholders are the producers or growers of their products but  we do allow for a very small number of on sellers if they offer a point of difference that complements the market. 

If you are selling on anything, ie you did not make it, you have to declare this on the form. But if you are simply selling something as part of a franchise chances are you are not applicable.  

We have a preference for food stallholders who are GE Free, practice eco agricultural techniques in their growing and production of foods and excellent husbandry skills when farming animals.  (Read more in our Real Food Revolution section). We also encourage using less plastic.  So please consider these things before you apply for a site.  The less processed your ingredients, the better your artisan product is. 

If you want to use the term Organic then you must be Certified Organic and provide us with your certification certificate. If you are not certified but want to use the word organic, we need to have proof of your status. We may request a visit to your place of production.     

If you raise and farm animals to later sell in some form at the market we prefer our stallholders to have the SPCA tick of accreditation to show that you practice their standards of animal husbandry or at least be Organic in practice or ultimately Certified Organic.    

Yes we do have crafts. There is a strict application process.  We believe that a small number of quality handmade items can complement the existing market. We prefer handmade, bespoke, traditional methods of production and practical crafts. We love plants and garden related things.   

All stallholders must have a gazebo. We limit caravans and food trailers.

If you would like to join us either casually, seasonally or as a regular and you have an appreciation of what the market is all about, then we look forward to hearing from you. 

Please specify in the subject line which application form you are applying for:  

General Foods

Crafts or Plants

Show Day or Xmas Markets only

we will then send you the appropriate form. 

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