The farmers market is part of a much larger global food movement of food sustainability and food resilience. 

After many years of industrial corporate food production, an appalling history of factory farming and the consequent detrimental effects on our health and our environment many of us are making different choices about what we eat, who we buy it from and how we grow and make it. 

Our mission

We decided we wanted to make a difference at a local level by creating an alternative and fair food system which would encompass the growers and the customers.     

An alternative food system starts with the growers, farmers  and producers and ends in the markets, independent shops, food boxes, CSA's, food hubs and community gardens.  It encompasses everything from the soil we grow our foods in to the businesses we trade with.

Making the right choices about our food is a form of food resistance. Making these choices  will enable our communities to become food secure and achieve food sovereignty. 

Growers and producers are making that transition to a fairer food system by joining their local farmers markets. 

It is no easy task to take on the existing industrial food system which is  so dominant and dictates what most people eat, what growers can grow and how animals are treated. 

So congratulations to our many Friends of the market!  You are making a difference every time time you choose to buy from your local growers and food artisans at the market. 




We like to reach as far as we can.  So every year with the proceeds of our EFTPOS surcharge we support a local group which is in keeping of our ethos. 

Previously we have supported  The Ashley- Rakahuri River care Group.

This year 2016 we are donating Ashley River Organic Apples weekly  to Kaiapoi Borough School pupils.                             

What is Food Sovereignty, FOOD SECURITY and Food RESILIENCE?  

Food Sovereignty came about in 2006 via Via CampesinaIn a nutshell, food sovereignty is the right of peoples, communities and countries to define their own policies regarding their seeds, agriculture, labour, food and land. These policies must be appropriate to their unique ecological, social, economic and cultural circumstances. Food Sovereignty includes the true right to food and to produce food. It is about ownership. 

Food Security  is when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

Food Resilience is a holistic response to a situation where change has become necessary for a community's well-being and survival. By incorporating food with the social, environmental and political,  communities who actively strive for food resilience are able to offer alternative and independent ways of feeding themselves and their communities. They aim is to be food secure.      

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